As a mechanic and locksmith, Charles Carmichael's business, Cars and Locks, offers a convenient and reliable service to the people of Denver, Colorado. Charles has been in the industry for over 10 years and has gained a wealth of experience and expertise, particularly in servicing Subarus. Recently, Charles decided to venture out on his own and start his own business as a mobile mechanic and locksmith, and to showcase his new venture, we decided to do a branding photoshoot.

The goal of the branding photoshoot was to create a visual representation of Cars and Locks' brand and identity. We wanted to showcase Charles's skills and expertise as a mechanic and locksmith, as well as his honesty and reliability. Here are some of the key elements we focused on during the photoshoot:

  1. Charles at work: We captured Charles working on different types of cars, highlighting his skills and expertise. The photos showed Charles performing diagnostic tests, repairing engines, and changing tires, among other things. We wanted to showcase his experience and technical knowledge, and demonstrate that he can service a wide range of vehicles.
  2. The mobile workshop: Since Cars and Locks is a mobile business, we wanted to showcase Charles's fully equipped mobile workshop. The photos captured the inside of his van, including his tools, equipment, and inventory. We wanted to show that he is prepared for any situation and has everything he needs to provide top-notch service to his customers.
  3. Customer interactions: To showcase Charles's honesty and reliability, we captured images of him interacting with his customers. We took photos of Charles communicating with his customers, providing advice and recommendations, and carrying out services. These images help to demonstrate the quality of customer service that Cars and Locks provides.
  4. Branding elements: We incorporated the Cars and Locks logo and business card into the photoshoot. The branding elements helped to create a consistent visual identity and reinforce the Cars and Locks brand.

Overall, the branding photoshoot was a success. The images we captured effectively communicated the Cars and Locks brand and showcased Charles's skills and expertise as a mechanic and locksmith. The photos also highlighted the convenience and reliability of his mobile service, which is an important selling point for his business.

If you're considering a branding photoshoot for your business, it's important to work with a professional photographer who understands your vision and goals. By collaborating with a professional, you can create images that effectively communicate your brand and showcase your unique offerings to potential customers.

Cars and Locks Services include

Mechanical Services

- Diagnostics

- Inspections

-Pre purchase inspections




-Engine Repair

-Road side assistance 

-Battery Replacement


Locksmith Services

-Emergency locksmith services

-Vehicle Lockout

-Building Lockout

-Supply and program keys

-Cut keys


-Hardware installation